Monday, August 4, 2008

New Knowledge For Mommy

Charlotte had been complaining (not consistently) while she wee wee. On and off she will say "ouch, ouch, shee shee part pain". I checked but didn't notice any inflammation and thought maybe she was just trying to get attention.

Last Friday, she said that again and I decided to take her to go for a check-up just in case. I explained to Dr. Sim about her situation and as we expected she is required to do a urine test. Collecting urine was a tough job, first because she just did like 15min ago and I had to keep feeding her water. Then because she is a girl, with her squading down was too difficult for me to put the bottle under her. I had to then carry her on my lap with both her legs apart while one hand supporting her and the other placing the bottle under to collect the urine. Both of us had a lot of laugh in the toilet during this process. I'm not sure if other people next door finds it funny while listening to our conversation :p

The result was read as slight infection condition and Dr Sim then proceed to examine her. Thank God that Charlotte was very cooperating, lying down on the bed and spreading her legs apart as told. Dr Sim then said "Oh, it's closed!". HUH??? What's closed? Apparently, Charlotte is having this condition called Labial Adhesion. Shame on me, I wasn't even notice that her vagina opening is different when I checked.

Dr Sim assured us that it is pretty common among girls until age 6. No surgery is required, and he prescribed an oral antibiotic called Augmentin and Premarin cream for external application. He assured us that the labial minora will separate after the 1 week course and we need to bring her back to another round of examination after 1 week. He also said that this could reoccur in the future until she is probably 6 years old or as she grows her body will produce enough hormone estrogen and this problem will disappear.

It has been 3 days and I do notice the wall separation starting to happen. Luckily Charlotte is very cooperative when we need to apply the cream on the infected area.

Mothers with baby girls out there, you may want to pay attention to this and examine your girl once in awhile or attend to her cue.


  1. I've heard about it before..and yes, it's important to check our girls' vjj.

  2. I heard that too, my friend told me she didnt notice until her daughter went to school at 5 yrs old and the school teacher told her that.

  3. i heard about it briefly but your sharing is indeed very useful!

  4. ooooh same case like another blogger's daughter. Yeah girl or boy, we gotto check everywhere.

  5. Hope she is much better now. Thanks for sharing on this, so far my girl has not complain of anything pain pain down there!

  6. Very good writeup on this. Sze Yi had a more painful way last time