Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Little Soldier Is Down

Monday morning, I realized that Charlotte's cough was getting more serious than before and I decided to feed her the Rhinatiol. One hour later, her body turned warm and that marked the beginning of another virus infection fight. Her fever shot up to 39 degree C most of the time and only came down a little bit after each dose of PCM. From one feed of PCM to another, her fever never subsided entirely. This stayed through the entire night and I stayed up to sponge her all night while waiting for the time for the next PCM feed. Throughout the night, her temperature stayed above 38 degree C. I was just counting the time and couldn't wait to rush to the hospital when morning comes but I knocked out around 8am and Pat took over to continue sponge cool Charlotte. The next thing I knew, she was at 39.2! I checked the clock and it was 8.45am. We quickly get ourselves ready and rush to Dr Sim's clinic.

She is confirmed down with virus infection, with cough and slight throat infection. But her fever had never broke and MIL called around 4.45pm that Charlotte didn't want to take the medicine and her temperature was rising again! Both Pat and I again rushed there and I finally made the call the we need to administer the Volteran suppository. Charlotte put up a struggle but it wasn't as tough as I anticipated. Maybe she understood it when I told her that it will do good for her. It took about 1 hour to take effect and finally I saw precious sweat drops appearing on Charlotte's neck and forehead.

Her fever broke since then. I took her temperature again this morning while she was still asleep (I thought) and the reading showed 36.2. Charlotte then opened her eyes and said "mommy, no tee tee tee (the beeps from the digital thermometer when hit 37.5), hot hot go away d!" See how alert she was even when she is not well? Yes, no more fever but we still need to take care of that cough and get rid those phlegm.

I stayed up 2 nights with only a short naps in between, you bet I look worse than a zombie right now especially had to get up and get ready for a 7am meeting this morning *sigh!* But all is worth when I over heard Charlotte told Brenda this morning "mommy feed me medicine d! my mommy very good one, you know!"

Get well soon baby!


  1. eerrmmm.... I think I spotted her on Sunday night at Sunshine Farlim... she looked well :P

    Did you have a hair cut? You looked different so I dare not run up to you... skali wrong person! LOL