Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Visit To 静思堂

Charlotte's school organized another field trip last Wednesday. It was to visit to a place called 静思堂. Not really a temple, well maybe part of it. The intention was to introduce the history of this building, how it was build and the meaning of each structures of the building, appreciations, and some the history of Master Cheng Yen and etc.

At first I didn't think I want to participate even though I was off from work that day but then a friend of mine (also our neighbor), her daughter is in the same class as Charlotte mentioned that she will be joining the trip but only for the first half as she needed to be back at work after lunch. So I changed my mind and joined her instead.

It was a great morning and everybody gotten ready speedily however, it started to rain when we were just about 1km away from the destination. It was a heavy down pour but luckily there were quite many volunteers (mostly parents) participating that event, all taking umbrellas and helping the children to get off from the bus without getting wet. For once, I felt like I was back at the youth fellowship at the church again. That kind of sharing and volunteering without self interest and distinguishing each other was always warm and nice.

The children then settled down and gathered at the hall before the first introduction started.

They were then separated in different groups, according to the individual class and the trip agenda began. Charlotte' s class was first introduced to the hand washed pebbles that are found one section's floor and wall. The children were told to trace the pebbles onto the set of activity worksheet the form teacher had prepared.

Align Center

I managed to take the class picture while they were listening to the teacher's instruction. See, the stairs, the pillars are all build with those pebbles?

Then they explored the tiles, the recycling station before they were called for lunch. I left soon after lunch so I do not have further update what happened after that.

I do not deny that there was quite a lot of Buddhism elements during the trip. Of course, they were visiting to a temple (sort of) right? I was a little disturbed to see Charlotte did all those praying gestures although I knew she learn that from school as she did show some of those actions to me sometimes. I told Pat that night, he wasn't really concern about it because he said as long as we don't practise all those she will forget about it eventually (when she graduated from this school eventually).

Oh, did I forget to mention that the school is not moving anymore? Well, at least for another year. So, yes Auntie Angie, Charlotte's prayer is answered!

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  1. Wah.. so everything will be back to normal. No need to worry anymore. Good for you.