Sunday, May 31, 2009

Movie Time!

I received a surprise call from Ann (Chloe's mother) last Friday that they are inviting us for a movie on Friday night! Of course it's GO and I was hoping that Pat would join us too (he usually has business dinner on Friday nights). Then Pat said OK! Yippee!!!

We took Charlotte for her first movie at the cinema back in Nov last year. Last Friday, we watched...

She absolutely loved it! She loved the movie, loved the company, and guess what? We met a lot more friends there at the cinema! I think kids movie makes good money, 1 person wants to watch but have to buy at least 2 or 3 tickets... :D

Anyway, thanks Chloe for a nice movie treat! Next round will be our treat :)


  1. Oh, thanks for the recommendation. Cassie has been asking me to bring her to this show everytime we walk passed the cineplex :)

  2. Evan was given the toy with his Happy Meal.. Guess what? He was so afraid of the monster.. looks like we won't be seeing this movie... for now