Thursday, May 14, 2009

Homemade Sugar Donut

I have this donut recipe sitting in my book shelf for a long long time. Recently I got into mood for baking again and the book is now on the kitchen table. As Charlotte flipped through the book one day she pointed at the donuts and asked me to make for her.

I gathered the ingredients a few days before and was just waiting for the right timing to do it. It requires a lot of "waiting" time as for the dough to rise and such I couldn't afford to multi-tasks, as I tend to forget about it.

So here it see 2 different colors? Well, the darker ones were the first batch and the oil was too hot! Then I turned down the fire and the rest of the donuts came out well.

Charlotte ate one that night and she asked to bring 2 to school the next morning. She wanted to share with her good friend, Chloe. I was hesitant because it really wasn't that good and by the way, Chloe's mother is a pro in baking. Then I thought, doesn't matter, it was Charlotte's good thought about her friend. I shouldn't discourage her, so I let her bring anyway.

It looked like donut, tasted like donut but only not soft enough. I wonder what could have been wrong or what is it there to improvise? Any expert want to help out here?


  1. You may want to try:-

  2. Can't help you there. Am only expert to eat! *wink*