Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautiful Teeth Baby

Remember Charlotte's first field trip to the dentist clinic? The school organized a mini event after that as a continuation of what the children learn from that field trip. It was a 3 weeks competition and the school will crown one boy and one girl from each class (4yr old, 5yr old and 6yr old) as "漂亮牙齿宝宝" (Beatiful Teeth Baby).

The criteria are:
1. You must not have cavity from the dental's record
2. Brush teeth the correct way
3. Always smile and with good manners, greeted elderly and teachers all the time

Charlotte was crowned as the first's week winner from the 4yr old class. Although she had teeth filling before and the dentist was aware of it when he did the check-up, she still won the title as she is always such an angel in school *bleah* and she is already a pro in teeth brushing since we started her early.

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