Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Like every other schools, Charlotte's school made some special arrangements last Friday for the kids and mothers were asked to pick up their child personally on that day if possible. The children were asked to bring along one adult t-shirt on Friday as there were activities for the kids to pretend as pregnant women.

They children were asked to carry their school bag in front just like how pregnant women carry their big tummy. It was for the whole of Friday, they wore like that during the class lessons, meal time, nap time, and activity time. The teachers then asked them what did they realize, or how it felt like carrying a big tummy around. Some said it was difficult, couldn't reach when they want to eat, couldn't reach when they need to brush their teeth, couldn't sleep properly, heavy, couldn't run and etc. Then the lesson of appreciation was explained and taught to the children.

There were chairs arranged at the front porch during the pick up time, each parent (mother) was asked to sit down while the teacher will bring out the child, with a cupcake (the school helped the children in baking it) and handmade carnation flower and a card in hand. Charlotte said "Happy Mother's Day mommy! I love you!" when she was brought to me. It was such a warm feeling hearing that. I was trying very hard holding back those happy tears *silly me*

The card was also for daddy as they were not only celebrating Mother's Day but more of "Parents' Day".

I also got a very BIG present from Pat this year. No, not a diamond jewelry although I did get one from my mom. I've always wanted to have a treadmill at home, save me a lot of time traveling to a gym and make no more excuses to fitness. A home use Kettler treadmill is what I got from Pat *grin*

It's not a matter of what or how expensive the gifts are, it's the thought that count! These are all surprises for me this year! Thanks darling, thanks Charlotte and thanks mommy!

We then met with my parents on Sunday evening for a simple Mother's Day dinner (we had an earlier round last week with MIL). My mom actually thought of skipping it as she thought it was not necessary to beat the crowd that day. My eldest brother insisted it and we had no regret with that dinner! All of us had a very good laugh talking about nonsense all night long, children were happy to see each other and the food...what you see in this picture was just half of what we ordered *oops*! (Luckily treadmill is on the way)

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, and especially to my mom! May the good Lord bless you always!


  1. Wow nice gift from your girl... and looks like a CNY gathering!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you too. Reading on what Charlotte did for you also brought tears to me eyes! Hehe..

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you too!