Monday, May 25, 2009

Thanks For Sharing

I started blogging in year 2006 when I met a group of dedicated mothers at work and we decided to start a play group for our little ones as they are all about the same age. Most of them have started blog for their child and I learnt from them how to start one, and here I am! I am thankful to the people I met as I learn directly or indirectly from all of you and I am even more thankful to the blogging world that the sharing of experiences, knowledge and encounters seem never end. Of course, one will have to be able to differentiate and choose what is right from wrong as there are also many junks out in the worldwide web (www).

Recently I picked up baking again, and it seems therapeutic although I am already multi-tasking to a great extend! Thanks to Angie sharing this very interesting cookies recipe and lead me to another new site that I will never missed it again!

This was my 2nd time baking it. I did the first time a week before and both Charlotte and I were all excited. She helped me making the doggie dough and surprisingly she helped through the entire portion! She even sat in front of the oven waiting for it to be ready! Got too excited and I forgot to snap a picture. Last week, we did it again. Charlotte’s 姐姐 gave her a card last Friday and she held it so dearly to her. I asked her what did she wants to give to her 姐姐 and she said the “doggie cookies”! So here we did it again!

I put them in 2 small airtight containers, one for her 姐姐 and another for her 哥哥. I put a princess sticker on her 姐姐’s container and Charlotte chose a tigger sticker for her哥哥. Off she went to school with one container on each hand. I can see and even feel her excitement that day!

Charlotte dear, you are such a darling! Thanks for sharing!


  1. I was tempted to try also after saw this from Angie's blog. Did not expect to see it from here so soon. :P Must try out when I got time.

  2. they look great! I am itching to get my baking stuff out too, so I just might call you when I get home! :)

  3. Looks so nice.. Good to hear Charlotte helped you throughout the whole process. Unlike my "assistant" who jumped ship halfway!