Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buddy System

Charlotte's school started the "buddy system" about one month back, they call it "小天使家族" where the elder student will be the younger student's buddy.

This is the picture of Charlotte's buddy. I'm not sure about the boy in the picture, but the big 姐姐 in the picture is someone Charlotte mentioned frequently ever since the buddy system started. Sometimes she told me her 姐姐 feed her lunch, sometimes she told me her 姐姐 helped her with the afternoon wash-up and stuff like that.

Several occasions recently, I found this 姐姐 really takes good care of Charlotte. Once I was waiting at the front porch waiting to pick up Charlotte. I saw Charlotte walking out from her class and when she saw her 姐姐 they both stopped and chat a little. Her 姐姐 also gave her a big hug after that. It happened so naturally, and I could tell they bond so well. The school has done a good job in teaching them to love one another, and I'm sure the girl's family had taught her well too.

That day I found this drawing in Charlotte's school bag...

I asked her who gave her this and she said "my cheh cheh (姐姐) la!". Charlotte also ask me to make a quick bento fix for her 姐姐 and I promised her that I will do that in the coming Monday.

I took this picture during the 2nd Field Trip they had last week. The 6year old had different program and agenda then the 4year old, they first met during lunch. I saw her 姐姐 running towards Charlotte when she saw her and gave her a big hug, then they talked a little bit before they were sitted at different table. This picture was taken during another agenda and they bumped to each other again and again the 姐姐 quickly came towards Charlotte when she saw her and guided her to sit down. They were with another 4years old girl which was about to broke into tears. When Charlotte saw her 姐姐 comforting the little girl, she (her back facing camera)also "kei poh" (busy body) and do the same. I had a warm feeling seeing it and I quickly took out my camera, that's why the picture was taken from a bad angle.

Charlotte told me after coming back from the field trip that she slept in the bus on the way back to school. She said she slept on her 姐姐's shoulder! Isn't that sweet?

Conincidentally, 靖雅姐姐's mother was my buddy when I started my first job :)


  1. hooi ling... this is really sweet!

    do'n't you think its high time you & pat should think of planning an additional sibling for charlotte?

  2. Alex too has a buddy in school. Her friend will run over and they will hold hands...

  3. That is so sweet. Charlotte's coping so well in school. The buddy system sure sounds good. I'm sure when it's her turn to be the che-che she'll do great!