Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Think I Did It Alright!

I took 2 extra days off from work last week just right before May 1st holiday just so I could have a loooong weekend. No, no where to go, no planned trip, no special agenda…so what was I up to?

I had been waiting for the off days since I got
this recipe from Jessie a couple of weeks back and I couldn't’t wait to get my hands dirty! I had been planning (in my head) of what to do, how to do and a very silly habit that I have is I never make note to the list of things that I need to buy. So, I will surely forget one or two every time but I never learn :p So, I took 3 days (3 trips) to buy the complete ingredients needed for fondant.

I followed the instruction carefully and prepare the fondant a night before an invitation that we received to celebrate a 12-day-after-birth gathering from a coupled friends of ours. I already had the idea of what to design when we received this invitation but being a first timer I was less adventures. I choose a simple creation, with only 2 different color fondants, and the result…

It was to celebrate their first new born baby girl, Isabel. So, I made the fondant cutouts with her name and little cute hello kitty. Unfortunately, the baby was admitted to the hospital a day before the celebration due to jaundice.

I prepared just enough for the number of guests. The gang finished the cupcakes in a zippy (there was only 1 cupcake to each guest anyway). I didn't think that they will eat the fondant, because it was really sweet and I was mentally prepared that they fondants were going to be left untouched since the guests were all adults (ya, no children that day. Charlotte was not there with us too because she was sick). But to my surprise everything was gone! They didn't think the fondant was too sweet but rather it went well together with the cupcake (the usual cranberry orange cupcake that I made, I was trying to use up my dried cranberries before they got expired actually) and the feedback was good! *ahem*

Thanks Jessie for the advise and sharing, I think I did it alright as a first timer ya :)


  1. Cupcakes are a hit with adult and children! Alex eats lots of cupcakes made by her gong-gong. Whenever i have the time, I baked some for her during the weekend, of course with her helping me.

  2. Saw this post long time ago but kept on forgetting to comment. lol

    Glad you managed it with success. Yay!