Monday, January 12, 2009

Invited To Be The Flower Girl Again

Last Saturday we attended one of Pat's friend's wedding and Charlotte was invited to be the flower girl to arsh the newly wed couple during the reception dinner. Charlotte was very happy knowing that she is going to be the flower again. She was the flower girl for her uncle's wedding last year and back then she was only 28 months.

She did a lot more better this time as her coordination is better now. She could walk and throw the flower at the same time (last year, she walked but forgot to throw the flower petals. When she threw the petals she stood there and forgot to walk. It was quite hilarious)

Some pictures to share...

Getting ready...

Picture with the bride and another flower girl (7 years old)

Almost time...

And go!

Daddy was assigned to get her started when the door is opened and I stood in front to let her know where to walk to. Overall, it was done very gracefully!


  1. Awww... she is so sweet and pretty! Can I get Darrius to date her out now? :P

  2. She looks so sweet... Such an adorable flower girl.