Sunday, January 11, 2009

三代同堂 (3 Generations All Together)

I mentioned that Pat's family was having a big reunion last Christmas as one of his sisters, Veronica and family were back from Australia. It was my first time meeting them although we met her elder son Brendan early last year.

I come from a small family and I always overwhelmed with the number of people in Pat's family. Even until today, I feel suffocated and kinda uneasy sometimes when everyone is back, like in Christmas and CNY. When I first met Pat, I thought I would never figured out who is who in his family.

The whole family of >30 people gathered at a photo studio on 26th Dec for a big family photo session. It was a BIG group and the studio even warned us that they can't fit so many people in the studio but will take their hall (studio lobby) for the family photo. Each individual family also took the opportunity to take the family photo of their own too. We gathered at the studio at 4.30pm and only finished at 7.30pm (I think) before we all adjourned to a restaurant for dinner!

Last week I got a call from the photo studio that all the photos are finally ready! I drover to the studio and collected all of it. All pictures turned out very well but the big family photo we developed for MIL is really big and couldn't fit into my car. Luckily I drove my Jazz and I told the studio guy to fold down the back seats so that the big frame can fit inside and it did. Phew!

I believe each family was busy putting up the family photos last weekend (at least we were). We took our family photo last year with the same photo studio but I did not develop or enlarge of any the picture until now. Luckily they still keep the soft copy and we enlarged this one to put in our living hall.

We don't get soft copies from the studio as usual and I "reproduced" the pictures with my lousy digital camera just to share it on this post but they are not as clear as the originals.

The Big Family

With Parents-In-Law

Pat decided we should take one more round of family shot of our own and Charlotte was in very good mood. The pictures turned out to be very natural and we made it into a 3-in-1 frame and put it up on the wall at the dining area last week.

This year, the pictures are the new year decoration for our house and we are ready for Chinese New Year!


  1. Very nice photos indeed! And Charlotte is sooo cooperative, good girl!

  2. I love the pictures... Everyone looks so relaxed and happy.

  3. how come this year Simba Chan is not in the family photo?? :-)

  4. Nice photos, you & Charlotte look so sweet :-)