Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What My 3 Year Old Said Lately

No 1:
We were very busy doing Christmas shopping and in the end we bought a lot of presents and clothes...
Me: See, so many presents! That's for Christmas!
Charlotte: I cannot believe it!

No 2:
Once I was away for a short moment while we were at a department store. When I came back, Charlotte ran towards me and gave me a big hug and said: I missed you so much mommy!

No 3:
Charlotte: Mommy, I want snow!
Me: Sorry dear, mommy cannot make snow, just like mommy cannot make rainbows.
Charlotte: I can ask Santa Clause.
Me: Huh? Why Santa?
Charlotte: Because Santa Clause house got snow ma! I ask him to take me to his house loh!

No 4:
Charlotte: Mommy, I want to kiss you.
Me: OK, come, come (she came forward and I gave her a quick "muak" on her lips)
Charlotte: No, not like this. I want long long one! Like the Beauty and the Beast...
Me: *faint*

No 5:
Once she was happily playing a balloon in the car with Auntie Brenda. As they were beating the balloon back to each other, the balloon once landed on her head.
Charlotte: Ouch! Say sorry, auntie!
Brenda: Sorry!
Me: No la, ask the balloon to say sorry to you, it hits you ma!
Charlotte: No, cannot. My balloon no mouth one!

No 6.
Charlotte: Mommy, mommy, I want to watch the Mermaid movie
Me: Ok, later I play it for you ya
Later on I forgot what she wanted and I showed her Toy Story and she said yes. So I played. But in the evening, suddenly she remembered...
Charlotte: Mommy, I want the Mermaid movie
Me: Oh, ok
Charlotte: Why you play the Woody? You forgot!
Me: Yeah, I forgot. Sorry.
Charlotte: Next time I tell you, you remember huh? Understand or not?
Me: *lost of words*

No 7.
Pat is a night person. If he comes home early from work, he will have more agenda for the night, such as supper, movie time, or going out to mall. Now that Charlotte has started school, we set her bed time around 9.30pm. There isn't much we can do during weeknights. This is what happened last night, daddy has plan to go out for supper with mommy
Daddy: Charlotte, you want to sleep with Auntie Brenda tonight?
Charlotte: No!
Daddy: Why not?
Charlotte: Hmm, because I want to sleep with you
Daddy: (heart melted) oh, ok loh!

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  1. My daughter nowadays like to ask, "What are you doing?" and lots of other questions... sometimes I dunno how to answer her. Have to make up something.