Thursday, January 8, 2009

How Do You Pronounce "L" & "Y"?

I heard people say little kids have problem in pronouncing "s" for words such as "star", "school", and "snake" and Charlotte did that too earlier but I hardly came across mispronounce of "L". Charlotte says word with "L" as it is in "Y", such as, she says "look" as "yook", "yellow" as "ye-yow", "louder" as "yao-der" and "low" as "yeo"...

I didn't think it is necessary to correct her because just like "s", they will outgrown the speech phase as the time comes but it has been annoying hearing that, specially now that she is old enough to understand better. So I decided to correct her.

I spent a nice evening with her yesterday out at the front porch, she was happily cycling around as we chit chat. Then I caught her repeat the "L" and "Y" thingy when she said "Mommy, yook at me! Mommy, yook!". There I started with the correction and showed her the correct way to pronounce "L" by lifting the tongue a little. She followed and the word came out a little better than before but she also thought that it was funny throughout the process. I wonder if she learnt seriously or she thought it was a funny game.

I wonder if there is a better way to correct this?

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