Friday, January 16, 2009

No Sweat

This week is the official week Charlotte starts full day school. She is having 3 meals a day in the school and she is going to nap in the school. Besides the mandarin speaking environment, meals remain my main concern. I did a lot of preparation with Charlotte, I showed her her sleeping bag/set, I told her that she has to eat her food otherwise she will be hungry and most importantly I told her I'm going to be there when school ends.

It's been a week, a no sweat week. Every morning, I send a happy girl to school and every evening I see an excited girl running out from the class, couldn't wait to tell me what happened in school. Her class teachers everyday give me a very good progress update and that not only relieves me but also confirm that we made the right decision by sending her to this school.

The first thing she told me when I went to pick her up yesterday was "see my hair! my teacher tie for me!".

She eats well, she naps, and she adapts well to the new environment. I am very surprised to hear when her class teacher told me about 70% of the time Charlotte understands the conversation they had in the classroom. So I did a small test on her yesterday evening...

After playing bubbles
Me: Charlotte, 洗手 (wash hand) then want to eat dinner already
Charlotte: OK (went straight to the washroom)
Me: Hey, you know what is 洗手?
Charlotte: Yes, wash hand!

During dinner
Me: Charlotte, you want mommy feed you or 你自己吃 (self feed)
Charlotte: (patting on her chest)
Me: 你自己吃?
Charlotte: Yes
I think she's got it (some of it), she even said "saya makan", "saya minum" :)

Today is the last day of the week and as usual she was all happy when I went fetch her. I started by walking her to and back from school during the first week (half day) and I brought along an umbrella because it was very hot at 12pm. Now, school finish at 5pm and she still wants me to bring her princess umbrella even though the sun already set.

All children changed into sport attire after lunch and I think she looks so cute in it :) I'm just so proud of how she adapts to the new school, new arrangement. She is a big girl now.


  1. Wow! She's such a good girl. You didn't need to worry after all.

  2. Awww.... she has definitely grow up! See, you don't have to be too worried... Good to hear that she is eating well... at least that makes you more relax!