Thursday, June 7, 2007

Play Group

After many months of discussion and planning, the play group is finally in action! Bryan, Ethan and Hin Lerk came over to our house last Sunday and it was Charlotte's first play group ever! Well yes, all boys and only Charlotte. Ching Ern was suppose to join us but she over slept and her mommy decided to bring her the next round (which is this Sunday, yeah!!).

See how busy everybody was...

The boys particularly loved the new scooter we bought for Charlotte but no photos captured as we were all too busy looking after them when they played so that they didn't get themselves hurt or we were enjoying the Sarawak Laksa which Bryan's mommy brought over (ha! ha!)

Want to know why Charlotte was holding her hand in the last picture? Check out the interesting caption that Ethan's mommy put up:

To little Ethan: No problem, Ethan. It's part of learning and growing up! Don't worry about it and you are still invited to the play group!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for playing the ever-gracious hostess!
    Ethan loved being a part of the playgroup, and is eagerly looking forward to the next one!