Thursday, June 7, 2007

Equinox Membership

We are staying in a terrace house, there are not many out door activities Charlotte could play besides riding her scooter, walking Simba (our golden retriever) around the neighbourhood and blowing bubbles. Other than that, we will have to bring her to the park to play on the slides, swings and etc. We particularly love to take Charlotte for swimming and her first swimming experience was back in Oct 2006 when we took her to Pulau Langkawi.

Hubby and I discussed about this and finally we decided to sign up the Equinox membership at Equatorial Hotel. Charlotte can use the pool and we can use the gym, jaccuzzi, sauna and etc. We took Charlotte there for swimming last Sunday and she enjoyed it very much!

Later, we took her out from the float and let her tried using the arm floats. Unfortunately, her arms are not strong enough to support the weight as yet and because of that she actually galloped down a big mouth full of water, oops...but she didn't want to get back to the float anymore! So, daddy had to carry and support her after that.

It was also a challenge to take her out from the pool when we were ready to head home. She cried and screamed all the way from poolside to the bathroom downstairs. Luckily, she stopped crying after we entered the bathroom area as she saw the jaccuzzi. She must be thinking that mommy was bringing her for 2nd round in a different pool! Too bad darling, we'll come back next week.

She asked for "nen nen" while we were waiting for her daddy and I gladly offered her a full 6oz milk and she finished it! Not only that, she cried and asking for more when I removed the empty bottle from her. I guess it must be the exercise in the pool! She fell asleep on our way back. Just imagine how exhausted she was!

The timing was all as we planned because she woke up at 5pm, just right before Ethan, Bryan and Hin Lerk showed up for play group! I guess this is going to be one of Charlotte's weekend agenda from now on...

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  1. Good decision! Charlotte will love swimming, judging by the time I can have a swimming playgroup over at my apartment instead, when the HFMD thingy has died down.