Monday, June 11, 2007

Back on the Car Seat!

Yes, thanks to the playgroup! This is my biggest gain from just 2 gathering so far. I have been showing Charlotte that all of her friends are sitting on their own car seat while their parents drive and take them "kai kai". Just last Sunday, I carried Charlotte out to say goodbye to Bryan after the play group. I made a conscious effort to explain to her that she could do just the same.

We gave up on car seat when Charlotte was about 10months old. Back then, my auntie was taking care of her and sometimes they took her "kai kai" in the afternoon without a car seat. After a few times, we failed to strap her down and we gave up totally when Brenda came.

On Sunday night itself, I took the car seat out again and showed it to Charlotte. She immediately sat on it (we were still in the room). In order not to discourage her, both Pat and myself had to carry her (with her in the car seat) to the car. She was alright and we headed on to MIL's house for dinner without major issue. Phew!

This morning, I had to take Charlotte for her PD visit and I put her on the car seat again. She did alright too except she couldn't fall asleep. Charlotte is very used to being carried and fell asleep in our arms. However, she was very sleepy and tired on our way back after the PD visit but still didn't quite comfortable falling asleep in her car seat. So, I asked her to close her eyes and decided to offer her my hand. She closed her eyes while holding on to my hand and less than 5 seconds she was already in dreamland!

I'm going to be away soon, I only hope Pat and her grandparents are going to continue this effort.


  1. So happy to see your lil princess learn something from the playgroup!!

  2. YooooHOoooooo!!! So happy that Charlotte is picking up good stuff from the playgrp.