Thursday, June 7, 2007

Aquaria - KL Conventional Center

It was Charlotte's fisrt visit to the Aquaria (actually it was everybody's fist visit including our maid, Brenda). We wanted to bring Charlotte to the National Zoo at Hulu Klang but then I was hesitated because of the warm weather. Then, SIL (sister-in-law) suggested the Aquaria!

When we first entered, there were a few small, shallow open "pools" where the turtles, star fish and other small fishes are put inside for the visitors to touch and feel them. My husband picked up a star fish and gave it to Charlotte, she recognized it and said "tar!" (star). Then her daddy spotted the turtles and picked up a big one for her! I thought she wouldn't touch it but I was wrong.

Charlotte enjoyed most of it except the reptiles. We only realized it when she kept saying "bye bye!" to the reptiles, she was trying to tell us to move on to the next station.

They were also promoting "Adopt A Turtle" campaign, if you sign-up and they will micro chipped one baby turtle for you and you can monitor it's progress via the internet (sorry, not for you to bring it back). They will release it to the open sea when it's 3-4months old (or 3-4 years? cannot remember) and you would be still able to locate it. We think that it's a good idea but Charlotte is too young to be able to understand the meaning behind it. We will probably do that in the future.

We were right on the "feed the fish" schedule when we at the last segment of the Aquaria. All the kids were sitting right in fron of this big "window" and waiting for the "feeding" show to start. It was actually very interesting and I think Charlotte picked up the meaning of it as she was telling her grandma: "Man, aam..." and showing sign with her hands too.


  1. I definitely must go ther when I visit KL next!

  2. Yup, I'm sure Ethan loves it there and he will be so excited seeing all those live creatures that he used to see them in the TV or books