Friday, June 1, 2007

How Do I Live Without You?

Charlotte is not staying with us this week and I miss her everyday! I call to check on her every morning, want to know if she slept well last night. Then I call again in the afternoon to check if she is eating well and had her morning nap. I call again later in the evening to find out if she has been a good girl...hubby said I'm crazy!

Hubby and I took this opportunity to try to finish up all the DVDs that we bought but have not been able to watch them. We usually watch the movie after Charlotte went to bed but most of the time we were not able to finish it because we could hear Charlotte crying half way through the movie (because of the surrounds). I keep the remote control nowadays so that hubby doesn't get to increase the volume without my knowledge. He complains that it is not as fun and exciting when the surrounds are not put in full blast. No choice, this is one of those little things that we need to give in.

Here is the list of movies we watched this week:
1. Eragon
2. Music & Lyrics
3. The Banquet
4. Firewall

We were able to enjoy our dinners without having to worry of places or food that are suitable for Charlotte. We have not been having nice, peaceful meals for the last 18 months (but life got much better since we have Brenda, our super duper maid!). We had dinner like seafood (too dirty for Charlotte), steamboat (too long time for Charlotte), Bak Kut Teh (too warm for Charlotte), Victoria Station (...) for the past few days.

Having said that, I miss hearing Charlotte's voice, I miss singing songs with her, I miss seeing her dance when we turned on the music/movie but most of all, I miss her kisses! She has the sweetest kiss of all. This is what she normally do when I ask her: Charlotte, come give mommy a kiss. She kiss you on your lips (I know, not a very good idea but it's so sweet!). She would pause a little bit and ends it with a very soft and light "pop"! It's a perfect "mmmmmuak"!

I'm anxious now thinking about having to leave her again for 2 business trips coming up soon

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