Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mobility - It's when you have full control of it...

Toys R Us was on promotion of cash vouchers and we visited the one at Gurney Plaza on Saturday. I was thinking of getting Charlotte a proper set of table and stools for her reading and drawing activities. Then I was distracted when I saw her riding on this battery operated motorbike, passing me while I was checking out the table set. She just needs to step on the paddle to move it and lift up to stop. She obviously has not master her hands and legs coordination and she was hitting "road blocks" here and there. She looked so serious when shw was riding on it. It was very funny and cute!

We bought it finally (postponing the table and stools set to next month) and the store assistance told us that they need about 30min to assemble it. So, we took Charlotte to Mc D for lunch and got her a Happy Meal with Shrek III toy! She has collected 4 so far (oops...)

Finally, her new scooter is ready and she was happily trying it out right side of the store! Still, needs a bit more practice on those coordinations (nearly went down the escalator!)


  1. I don't know that it was Charlotte's new toy. She is very kind to share with Hin Lerk.

  2. This is interesting...i stopped buying toys for Ern right now. Wait until she is old enough to choose what she wants, then only buy.

  3. This toy was a hit with everyone!