Monday, June 11, 2007

One Big Step in Vocabulary

Charlotte is saying a lot more words nowadays and we felt like she has made a big step in her vocabulary. Just last Saturday, we took her to the park to play and she was walking on her own right in front of us. Suddenly, she turned back and said "hold" and reached out her arm to me. She asked me to hold her hand and walk her down the steps!

Another time, we were on our way home from dinner and shopping. Brenda was feeding Charlotte "nen nen" at the back (this is what we normally do by the way, feed her "nen nen" in the car, change her PJ and she will be in dreamland in no time). When she finished her "nen nen", she shouted "wet! wet!" it was so loud and clear! Apparently, the bottle licked and her dress was wet! All of us were so impressed and so happy for her in making such a big progress. She had this big smile on her face as if she understood when we all praised her for being such a clever girl!

She also picked up "ant" and "frog" from the movie "The Ant Bully". Whenever she sees a 6-legged or 8-legged insects these days she will call them ants anyway. She will choose her movie every night by saying those words that she knows. If she says "ant ant" means she wants to watch The Ant Bully, or if she says "cow cow" we will have to play the Barn Yard for her.

But I'm still impressed with the progress and achievement Xuan made. She is so advance and I hope Charlotte soon would be able to talk like her ...

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