Monday, August 3, 2009

My First Birthday Cupcake Creation

It's Pat's birthday today and I had this idea in my head since several days ago, something that I want to try and hopefully to put a smile on both Pat and Charlotte's face. I waited and waited, until this morning, after sending off everyone to school and to work. Finally, I have a nice quiet and peace of mind to work on my little "project".

I took out the fondant, colors, cutters, food picks, trays, rollers and I tied up my hair, washed my hands and...yes, I wanted to make birthday cupcakes for Pat! I just want to make something simple, not so much of fondant as we don't really have sweet tooth, not even Charlotte. Something simple yet meaningful, and hopefully not too sweet.

Honestly, I already know what I want the cupcakes to look like and I just get down to business right away. The clock was ticking and I needed to get everything done before Pat and Charlotte gets home. I did it just barely as Pat came home when I was assembling the cupcakes. Being his usual self, he didn't bother of what I was doing but just asked why I bake again, or maybe he knew?

After dinner, I told Charlotte to wish her daddy happy birthday and told her about this little secret. I asked her to bring the surprise to daddy...

We planned to have a little desert after dinner and I was really hoping to get nice ice-cream treat, like BR31 or Häagen-Dazs but Charlotte wanted McD Sundae twist :( Here I am trying to stay positively, it was good for our pockets and it was good for my diet too. My little princess is very easy to please, yes? :)

Happy Birthday Daddy!


  1. He's lucky to have such beautiful cupcakes + wife + daughter.
    Happy Birthday, Pat!

  2. Looks so nice! How to get the words so nice and tidy? Must learn from you.

  3. Looks great! Happy birthday to Pat.