Monday, August 17, 2009

Been There, Done That.

I had been a SAHW (Wife) back in 2003 when Pat was relocated to the States. The experience that I had then and now is very different. Location aside, back then we were just the 2 of us. Time and schedule were very flexible, we could even stayed up for late night games, movies and pop corns, parties and travels. Eat or sleep, snow or sunshine never bother. With Charlotte, everything must be planned and done in considering of her.

There were many things that I wanted to take the opportunity to do or try when I gained the SAHM status slightly about a months ago. Then I realized that I didn't gain any additional time to do what I had planned to do when finally I as the home project manager. Unlike in the corporate world, there are resources to leverage for any project to be managed, I was practically "THE" manager, "THE" team, "THE" resource to run all that is around at home. From the moment I wake up in the morning till I close my eyes again at night I was occupied with activities and tasks that need to be completed. It was not any easier, but definitely happier.

I was very busy but felt very much accomplished and satisfied. One of those things that I am most happy with is the training for Charlotte to do the morning "perch". Charlotte used to keep for 3 to 4 days, although she didn't really have constipation issue I felt that the keeping habit is unacceptable and it will eventually cause constipation. The training was very successful and she is up on her "thrown" every morning with good output :) Of course this is no magic, the luxury of time that I had without having to rush to office and involved in the process with her (yeah, I practically stood outside of the toilet waiting and chatting with her initially) significantly contributed to the success.

I was also able to prepare healthy meals, of course coming out with a menu can be quite stressful sometimes. The exploring I was able to introduce several more new dishes to Charlotte's liking. Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment seeing empty plates :)

Other than baking, cooking and cleaning (nothing glamorous), I was also able to enjoy the treadmill, watching DVDs, running my fingers through my long abundant piano, spending more times with parents and friends, and also blogging (hehe!).

The only thing we didn't do is going on a holiday. We were considering but then we have concern on the H1N1 outspreading. We feel that it is not necessary to expose ourselves to the risks. To bad, Pangkor Laut Resort will have to wait :(

Now that I am back in the corporate world, I pray that God to continue to look after our family and guide me through my new adventure.


  1. oh..can see your treadmill is not collecting dust, eh :-)

    Where are you working now?

  2. hi,

    i have been following your blog since sometime. Very interesting and helpful indeed. I have a daughter of 3 years and was helped by tips on brushing, de-wormingYou didnt mention where you are working now. Please keep writing even if u start working.