Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Nah...I'm not talking about boys...I'm talking about my Swiss Roll! I kept wondering what could have went wrong ever since that 1st attempt. Actually I tried a couple more times after that, made some adjustments, tried to let the skin side cool and dry a little bit more, hoping it won't stick on the parchment paper but no, still failed. I didn't know what went wrong as I followed the recipe and instruction very carefully :(

I finally thought that I should be referring back to the person who shared this recipe and she told me that it probably due to the parchment paper itself (duh!). She mentioned that the only possibility is due to the type parchment paper that I used. Apparently not all parchment paper is good for this purpose and she uses the Glad specifically.

I so happened to be at a grocery store early this week, I was looking for a new roll of aluminium foil and sandwich bags but then I saw "GLAD Baking Paper"! Just the something that I should get for another try.

Actually the making/baking part is rather quick for Swiss Roll since it is only baking a thin layer and the washing is rather easy too. I decided to try it last night since both Charlotte and I had our dinner early, daddy was not home, and we were a bit bored. She helped me with the process until putting the batter into the oven. Then she lost her interest to follow through and I was crossing my fingers while watching over the oven closely. I took out the cake shortly after it turned brown and let it cool as instructed. Carefully I flipped the skin side down on a new sheet of Glad baking paper and quickly spread the strawberry jam on it and started to roll. I was very happy when the first turn came out clean!! Yeah, it worked, it worked!
See how beautiful it is! I was smiling ear to ear, admiring my own achievement (crazy, I know)...

Then I looked closer, I think I need to work on "tightening" the roll a bit more next time, which I think is easier to accomplish than trying to find out what went wrong to the skin side getting stuck on the paper earlier.

I'm sure going to bake a few more Swiss Rolls this weekends. Free Swiss Roll, any taker? :)
Have A Wonderful Weekend!!!


  1. Ah.. you're very persistent. The Swiss Roll looks heavenly!

  2. Kudos! Kudos!
    Now I'm just waiting to get a taste of it :P

  3. Great tips!

    I can't wait to get my own oven... :-)

  4. HL, your baking skill is getting better and better! The cupcakes/swiss rolls looks delicious!!!
    Wonder when I get to sample... hehe