Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday Surprise For Brother & SIL

My nephew Isaiah is enjoying his one month school holiday since last week and SIL is asking if there is anything for him to do to pass time. I told her I don't really know what to do with boys, I mean since I don't have one right?

Then a birthday reminder popped up on my cell phone and it is my brother's birthday on the 4th this month, and BINGO! I thought I have just a something for Isaiah. I told SIL and she agreed.

This was what we've been doing this whole morning...a lil birthday surprise for my brother (Isaiah's dad) and I included SIL in this surprise too since her birthday is just a week a way.

Actually, I did many of those miniatures days before as I knew Isaiah couldn't finished doing all that in a day. He was caught with a surprise himself when I told him what to do, he thought we are doing a big cake instead. It took him quite awhile to warm up, but he did the cars eventually.

I bake those cupcakes while letting Isaiah to have a little fun with the fondant. When the cakes were all cooled, I showed Isaiah how to assemble them. I started with the "happy birthday papa & mama" and he got the idea. He asked to let him decorate and assemble the rest.

The three faces represents the three boys (Solomon, Isaiah and Abraham) that my brother has and 2 cars that they owned and a house. Then I saw a volcano! I asked why is there a volcano? What does it represents? He said, mommy la, like volcano sometimes. Oops! (The volcano was the first thing SIL noticed when she came pick up Isaiah, luckily she didn't blow. LOL!).

I think he put a bit too much of sprinkles, looks too busy for me. Isaiah was definitely excited and thrilled to see his own creation and he couldn't wait for his daddy to come home :)

Will see what my brother says tonight. I bet his first reaction will be "huh? how to eat? all the coloring!" Yeah, my brother is a very conscious person. But I'm sure he appreciates the effort from his son :)
*The volcano is on the "b'day" cupcake. Not very clear from top view. Pardon my photography skill :p


  1. Hehe...I am trying very hard to find the volcano..where? :P

  2. Hehe..... I was looking for the volcano too.

    I am very impressed. Hey, giving lesson soon?

  3. Impressive, looks too good to eat! Can preserve and keep in museum? :-)

  4. Hooi Ling, where did you get the alphabet cutter? I try to find this kind of cutter but got a thicker one instead. Thanks.