Monday, August 24, 2009

Celebrating Merdeka

Two weeks ago Charlotte's school sent out a notice that they were going to have a week of Merdeka celebration and we were told to let the kids wear the traditional attire to school on the 17th-19th, Indian theme on Monday, Malay theme on Tuesday and Chinese theme on Wednesday. And on the 21st (Friday) we get to choose either one theme and let the kids wear to school before school holiday starts. That means, shopping! Yes, we had to shop for the Indian and Malay costumes and rest assured that we have already several to choose from for Chinese costume.

I had no idea where to get Indian costume until one find day I suddenly thought of Little India in Penang! So I told Pat to bring us there on Saturday morning and I shopped from one shop to many other just to look for an appropriate costume for children. I originally wanted the a Punjabi suit, with pants for bottom but Charlotte is quite petite and it was difficult to get a suit which the top and bottom fits just nice. So I bought a suit with a skirt as matching bottom and what do you know? It looked pretty nice on Charlotte!

It was not as challenging to find a Malay costume as getting the Indian's. I just went to a nearby mall and got her a sweet pink Baju Kurung. I was surprised to see that Charlotte looked just like a sweet next door Malay girl after putting on this suit.

This is my little girl in 3 different costumes...I think she looks really stunning and cute! *bias comment*

I didn't have a chance to peek at the school of what was going on with all the children dressed up (all the teachers were also in the same theme everyday!!!) as my new job was just picking up and need a lot of time to settle down. However, I was lucky to spot them when I was on my way to work on Friday morning. I had a morning teleconference on Friday morning and when I was leaving for office was about 10+am. As I was driving out from my house, I saw all of them were coming out from the school ready for the Merdeka "parade" around the residential area. Being a kiasu mother, I turned back and took my camera just to put up on this post :p

(I knew they were going to have the parade as I observed this exact same routine last year. I was working from home back then and I was thrilled to see the "parade" when I found out what were all those noise came from. Charlotte was with another school back then)

Charlotte was very happy and excited when she saw me. She was partnering with her best friend Chloe.

Oh, if you are wondering why were they celebrating Merdeka in advance is because school holiday falls on 24-30th Aug.

Good job to all the teachers and helpers for making this happened!


  1. Haha...Aidan is in the photo as well :)

  2. What a meaningful way to celebrate Merdeka!

  3. So ladylike, unlike my daughter... dunno when she will want to wear dress again!

  4. Hey, that is in front of my house too!

  5. You're certainly not biased in saying that she looks stunning and cute. She REALLY looks stunning that those dresses.