Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baking Fever vs. Bento Fever

I have been very much into baking fever for past 1 month since I become a SAHM. Just like when I was so into bento I have been adding new tools to my kitchen. Most of these tools are for beautiful fondant designs. I have forgotten about making bento for Charlotte although I use many of my bento tools on cakes, especially cupcakes.

Last Saturday, Charlotte asked for pancake when we were about to leave for lunch. I offered her to have lunch at the Paddington Pancake House, but she specifically wanted home made pancake, with Hello Kitty on it. Pat had no choice but to wait for me to prepare the order for Charlotte. To be honest, it is really quick to prepare pancake and it takes no hassle at all to draw the Hello Kitty face. I made 4 pancakes, but only put 2 in the bento box. When we had our lunch at the restaurant, Charlotte just wanted her Hello Kitty pancakes and she finished both of it.

The next day, she asked for fairy bread. It has been quite some time since I made fairy bread for her. I was in no mood to prepare any sophisticated fairy bread so I took out 2 heart shape cutters and made her a simple (lousy, I think) one. Again, she ate it all and I was very glad (at least, she didn't ask for fun).

(I didn't even change the bento box :p)

As I am embarking another new chapter in life soon I bet I will not be baking that often anymore. I certainly enjoyed the time and the opportunity that I had to be the CEO of the house and explored new recipes in my own kitchen.

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