Thursday, August 27, 2009

外婆的宝贝 (Grandma's Little Precious)

It was school holiday last week, Charlotte was home all day while Pat and I were at work that whole week. We don't have a maid since Brenda (our previous maid) went home in May, so who was there to look after Charlotte?

At situation like this, my parents never failed me. They are always there for me, for us, anything at all that we asked, they will never say no as answer. For that, I am very very thankful that I am such a blessed child. Obviously, my mom volunteered to look after Charlotte for the week even before I asked. I was very happy to hear this as I know nothing can go wrong and I can focus my attention at work knowing Charlotte is in good hand. The only thing that we were worried about is if Charlotte would get connected with my mom the way we hoped for. This is because we only visit my parents once a week or less. We observed that Charlotte sometimes need a long period of time to warm up and get comfortable with my parents.

My parents came Monday morning, and I was very relieved when Charlotte ran to the door and greeted her grandparents. My dad proposed to take Charlotte out for breakfast worrying that she may not agree to let me leave for work. That was how I managed to get to office without any protest on Monday morning. It was all peaceful throughout Monday, no phone calls from home and I knew everything was under control. I went home early Monday evening as promised to Charlotte and my mom started her "update" the moment I stepped into the house.


1. Charlotte was very obedient, didn't create any difficulty and my mom was able to cook and prepare meals without any disruption from her.

2. Charlotte had good appetite (something very new to me), she ate "char siew pao" during breakfast, big portion of lunch, she had 3pcs of biscuits and a cup of milo for tea.

3. Charlotte had good manners, keep telling grandma to be careful of the stairs, slippery bathroom, helped grandma with aircond and fan in her room as grandma was not familiar with the environment.

4. *there were many other comments which I didn't really listen because Charlotte was talking to me at the same time*

All of us had the most delicious and wonderful dinner that week! My mom is a great cook and she has magic in her cooking that I can never understand how it tasted so differently even I followed her recipe and instruction exactly. Maybe that's what called "cooking with love"! Pat ate the largest portion of all and my mom was definitely happy seeing us enjoyed her cooking. Charlotte even decided to sleep with grandma!

My mom, being her usual self, she bought a whole of things for the house, for the kitchen, for us and not to mention for Charlotte. I saw my fridge and freezer was filled with materials for cooking, kitchen added new tools, new dresses and accessories for Charlotte everyday. Last evening, I was greeted by this cute malay looking girl when I was home.

Every evening, I look forward seeing happy faces (Charlotte and my mom), great dinner, nice little chit chat among mother, daughter and granddaughter, small shopping here and there when I don't need to attend night teleconferences. It has been going on for a week and I can really get use to it. Unfortunately, it has coming to an end and I have to consider my dad although I love to have my mom all to myself. My dad has been living by himself and run his business all by himself this entire week. Although he keeps saying that there is no big deal for him, I feel extremely bad and selfish and I should "release" my mom to take care of him when Charlotte is back to school next week. I love to have both of my parents staying with me when my dad decided to retire one day.

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