Friday, April 17, 2009

What A Night!

I had a very bad migraine attack on Thursday night. I thought I felt the trauma starting around 9pm and I decided to quickly swallow a couple of pain killers as usual to stop it from getting worse. I always have pain killers in my medicine drawer but it must be a very unlucky day for me that night that it ran out! I thought I could probably endure the pain while hoping it doesn't get any worse I tucked Charlotte to bed as usual.

Unfortunately, the pain level kept increasing and I was really on my knees and I text Pat to quickly come home and get me some panadols. He was in town when I contacted him and it took him 45min to reach home at his fastest speed possible. I thought I will be alright once the medicine had taken effect but I was wrong! The pain had traveled from my head to my neck by then I knew that was not a good sign. I usually will throw up once it hits my neck and that was what happened. It didn't relieved me after the vomiting however and the pain was almost unbearable. Pat then decided to send me to the nearest hospital.

I was sent to the A&E as it was already past midnight. I was first examined by a GP and then blood sample was taken for some blood tests. I was then asked to be admitted and they ran a CT test while contacted a neurologist to come in immediately. I threw up another time after they transferred me to the room. I have to say that I was only half conscious the whole time at the hospital but I was worried. I knew how often I have migraine and I was really worried if they found something unwanted from the scan. I started to think about who will look after Charlotte if I'm gone, who can I trust to hand over this responsibility...

Finally, the neurologist came in and examined me again, with a whole bunch of questions. I tried my best to answer although I wasn't really sure if I gave the correct answer. Pat then asked "So what is the result from the scan?". I think he must have ran out of his patience, and it was a good thing that he asked. The answer was "it is normal". Phew! Thank God! Then I thought, ok Charlotte is still mine, for a long long time :)

I was not allowed to go home as they claimed that they need to monitor me. I then asked Pat to go home and took care of Charlotte, get her ready for school the next morning, told him what she should wear to school on Friday as they have recycling activity on Fridays, and her school bag, and her water bottle...

It was my first time admitted to the hospital except giving birth to Charlotte 4 years back. I was alone and I was worried if Charlotte would cry when she wakes up without me. As I was thinking of all that I fell asleep and the next thing I know a nurse came in to check my temperature, that was 6am.

I was discharged on Friday afternoon. The first question I asked when Pat came in the morning was "how was Charlotte?". Pat assured me that she was doing fine the whole night and this morning. Both Pat and Brenda got her ready for school and she was happily involved in the recycling activity that the school had put together. We waited the whole morning for the doctor's consent to discharge me and getting the medicine. It was very unproductive I have to say even though they claimed that we will have special service for executive room. Anyway, I am just happy to know that I am alright and I am home with my family.

Charlotte on the other hand stuck to me like a super glue the whole evening :)


  1. so sorry to know that you are sick but luckily everything is ok & you are recovering fast.take care of yourself and God bless you.

  2. Oh dear!!! Hope you are feeling so much better now!

    I did not know migraine can be that serious! better take good care of yourself!

  3. Take care, and make sure you have the painkillers stocked up!

    I also need to pop a panadol when I have headache, sleep those not help much.

  4. That was a scary experience. Hope that you are better now. Funny how we always expect the worst.. Lucky it was nothing major. Take care and rest.

  5. Oh my, so sorry to hear about this. 'Health is Wealth' my friend. Take care !

  6. Sorry to hear about your migraine, never thought it would so serious to that extend. Totally understand your feelings, esp worrying about your child. A mother will automatically put her child first, no matter what. Take care now and stock up please!

  7. Gosh! But so glad to hear that everything is ok now. Take good care, and don't worry too much about Charlotte. God will take care of everything!

  8. Glad to know that you are better now...maybe you should treat yourself to some well-needed rest and a massage? :)