Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am very proud to say that Charlotte is very sociable, she mixes very well with friends, she is willing to share her belongings with others, and friends like her very much too. Her teacher even told me that she will automatically go comfort her friends if they are crying.

A friend came back from Singapore last week and it was their first trip back home with their new born baby girl. We were invited to their house for a gathering and we took Charlotte along as usual. Before we went, we stopped by baby Gap and gotten a nice baby dress for the new born. We gave it to Charlotte and told her that it's a present from her to the baby. She was very proud and couldn't wait any longer to go to the baby's house.

When we arrived, Charlotte greeted the host and gave the present to the baby. Split seconds later, we were surprised to see that she was already mingling around with several new found friends. They played very well together and I noticed that they took very good care of Charlotte since she was the youngest and smallest in size.

Here are the little angels:

Actually the boy, Isaac is just 2 days older than Charlotte. What a coincidence! He displayed fine lil gentleman quality throughout the entire night, not only took care of Charlotte but the other girls too. The girl in the picture, her name is Ru Yi, a very gentle little girl too.

Just last week, I was told by another friend who met-up with Isaac and his parents for lunch that Isaac was disappointed when he didn't see Charlotte. His mommy then wrote to me:

"...Yes embarrassingly, my son is displaying signs of being a casanova....We were looking at the photos yesterday and when he saw Charlotte's photo, his face lit up and he shouted her name" LOL!

I am just glad to know that Charlotte is much more independent now :)


  1. First photo - Isaac look shy, then... the 2nd photo - already warmed up. haha... Casinova in the making!

  2. hehehe...My son(isaac) just loves girls!

  3. hehehe....Indeed my son (isaac) loves girls!