Tuesday, April 14, 2009

我的爸爸咧? (Where Is My Daddy?)

Pat's work is very demanding and so the time he spends at home on the weekdays are very limited. He usually only home after everybody has gone to bed, at least 2 or 3 nights on the weekdays but he makes sure he is home on the weekends (if not on business travel). Charlotte is missing her daddy more now as she is getting more matured.

Last night, we went to bed early and I noticed that Charlotte was tossing and turning for quite awhile and I asked her why.

Me: Charlotte, why aren't you sleeping yet?
Charlotte: 我的爸爸没有来 (my daddy didn't come)
Me: No, you should say 我的爸爸还没有回来 (my daddy is not home yet) not 没有来 (didn't come)
Charlotte: Why 我的爸爸还没有回来 (why my daddy is not home yet)?
Me: Because daddy is still at work
Charlotte: Why work so long?

She fell asleep not long after that conversation. This morning when I walked her to school, suddenly she turned to me and asked "我的爸爸咧?" (where is my daddy). I told her daddy is still sleeping as he came back late from work last night.

Poor darling, she must be missing her daddy very much.


  1. CAn always call the Daddy on the phone. That way, the little one will feel better to just hear the Daddy's voice. ;)

  2. Poor thing. I'm sure her daddy misses her a lot too.. Lucky today is Friday already!