Sunday, April 26, 2009

It Was A Nice Day Off

No, not off from work...but from the kitchen! It was those very rare day that Pat agreed to cook *grin*. We bought 3 pieces of fine cut rib eye and a bottle of red wine from Cold Storage last Saturday night and we decided to have a nice home cook steak on Sunday evening. It was a nice day off for both me and Brenda (yes, Pat cooked for Brenda too) and the little Charlotte enjoyed her Domino's thin crust pizza and her favorite cinnastix.

Looking back, it was like a special day for us. We had a pretty occupied day last Sunday, nothing planned but all turned out well. Charlotte and Simba (our golden retriever) had a nice play at the beach in the morning, we had a very peaceful brunch (peaceful means Charlotte ate well, ok?) after that. Then a short bicycle ride in the evening before daddy took over the kitchen :) No pictures on the steak, we were all too hungry but I gave it a 2 thumbs up!

I told Charlotte a few days before that Simba is very sad because he always stays at home. She then told Simba that morning "Hey Simba, I bring you to the beach ok? You don't sad ya!"

They played very well together. Simba is very tame and gentle, unfortunately we couldn't let him ran freely on the beach because there were quite a lot of Malays around that day.


  1. Charlotte is so thoughtful -she really cares ya? By the way, the 1st pic, she look so different.

  2. The beach looks clean. May I know where is the beach? Thanks.

  3. The location is a little isolated. It is at teluk kumbar, somewhere in a Malay kampung...

  4. I always love to own a Golden Retriever. It's a female? *Please say yes.*