Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She Just Knows How!

Back dated post...

My eldest brother invited us to his house for lunch on the second day of CNY, I couldn't be more happy to get that invitation because 1. I didn't have to crack my head thinking of what to cook for my family, 2. Charlotte will have company!

So off we went but I didn't forget to pack along the Nintendo Gameboy that my sister-in-law gave to Charlotte. I know my 3 nephews are such high tech worms, they played not only computer games, each of them has a computer to themselves, used to own a Gameboy each (1 given to Charlotte now) and now they have PSP, Nintendo Wii...I bring that Gameboy along so that Charlotte will feel belong when her brothers were grossed with their high tech games.

I thought she wasn't really know how to operate the Gameboy until I took a minute and sat down beside her. I looked at her controlling the game and making the moves and I realized that I was wrong. She really knows!! Nobody ever taught her how and the game is brand new to her! I just couldn't believe my own eyes!

Gotta be really careful of what we offer to kids these days and never under estimate them!


  1. you'll never know dear... children these days will really make our jaws drop at how quick they can adjust and get familiarised with the technology.

    just like my eldest boy... i don't even know how to pass level 1 without exhausting my "3 lives" in my mobile game, but he has went pass level 12!