Monday, February 16, 2009

A Nice Morning With Charlotte

I like these was taken minutes before we left for school and office this morning :)

This one, Charlotte asked me to snap for both of us. As I was focusing the camera at us, suddenly she turned and kissed me!

This one, taken by Charlotte. Not bad eh?

She was in good mood, I think it was that little trick I did on her hair! Vain, I know. I can do more tricks if only daddy doesn't bring Charlotte for hair cut that often.


  1. awww... that little rascal of yours is cute as ever.

  2. Very nice candid shots! Yan likes to kiss on the mouth too..
    *Puzzle* Daddy likes to cut short Charlotte's hair? I tot all (well, maybe most) Daddy likes long hair on girls?

  3. Love the pictures... Hey, daddy should let her keep her hair long.