Tuesday, February 3, 2009

年初一 (First Day of New Year)

This is how she looked look during the 1st day of Chinese New Year. I got her dressed up and made her stood in front of us (Pat and I) for the 1st time to wish us happy new year and to gain her 1st ang pow (red packet). She didn't forget to wish Simba (our golden retriever) too while waiting for daddy to setup the fire crackers.

We got an 8 feet long fire crackers the night before but we didn't light it during the eve simply because we know there is a new born baby just a few doors away from our house. It was about 10am when we were all ready to set the noise and welcome the new year officially. No fengshui or checking if it was a auspicious time to do that simply because we are Christians. It was all about fun and letting Charlotte to experience it (we didn't have it last year).

Usually we will go to MIL's house first and then only go to visit my parents but since MIL was not in town this year I get to visit my parents first :) We were just in time as my parents went to church for the new year service and they were on their way home when we arrived. I didn't take any picture then, must be too busy enjoying the mee sua my mom prepared. Same ingredients, same recipe, somehow mom's cook tastes better always.

The rest of the day was just busy eating, visiting, gathering, giving ang pow...


  1. Happy Niu Year! Charlotte look so sweet in that picture. She is not scare of firecracker?