Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Night With Daddy, Alone

Charlotte is slightly over 39months now and her only time alone with daddy was when I had to be on business travels (twice before, a couple of weeks each time). Then also she was staying over at my parents place and our maid, Brenda was around to help out. So it wasn't really a daddy-daughter one-to-one kinda time.

Until last Wednesday, I wanted to attend a dinner event with some colleagues of mine. Although it wasn't an important event that I couldn't afford to miss, I was really trying to make effort to participate in activities with friends/colleagues once in awhile without having to rush back and get busy with baby and house chores. I had not done anything like that since Charlotte came along. Now that Charlotte is bigger and she is able to express herself better I feel more comfortable leaving her to someone trust worthy and get a little space of my own sometime. Pat was nice enough to offer the help since we do not have Brenda with us this week (Brenda is on "loan" to my SIL in KL who just had an surgery before CNY). I wasn't really comfortable with this whole arrangement not because Pat is not trust worthy but it really was the 1st time for Pat to handle Charlotte all by himself. Furthermore, Charlotte had not done her "big business" in 3 days and Pat's biggest task was to get her to "pangsai" (pass motion). Other than that, it was just normal routine like bath her after school, feed her dinner and milk before bed, brush her teeth and get her to sleep without me.

Pat picked her up from school and everything went so well. He text message me when Charlotte finally "pangsai" after feeding her dragon fruits that I prepared earlier on. I was so relief getting that message. Later on, Pat text me again letting me know that Charlotte had 3 chicken nuggets. 3 is a lot to me as she usually just barely finish 2. No more news after that...

I was home around 10.20pm, it was all silence when I opened the front door and I know Charlotte was already in bed. I didn't went wash up right away because I had to clear Charlotte's school bag and prepare for next school day. I saw milk cup, tooth brush soaked in the sink and I know daddy had done everything.

Good job, daddy!!! XOXO


  1. That is nice to hear. So, now you can plan more personal time for yourself, huh??

  2. Wah.. good job daddy! I'm sure they had a great daddy-daughter bonding time.

  3. Good, so you can plan out more activities for yourself. Time to let go, and let Daddy have fun!

  4. good to hear that..means more "ME ONLY" time coming...:-)