Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Beatiful Ballerina

Charlotte loves singing and dancing (well, which child doesn't?) and she asked for ballet lessons earlier but I didn't think she was serious. Not until she was invited to Emily's (her cousin) ballet performance last Nov. We were told (we did not attend but just sent Charlotte there with her KooKoo and Ah Mah) she was very engrossed throughout the performance and she even asked people to stop talking during the show.

Ever since after, she kept asking for ballet lessons but I still didn't think it was time to send her at this young age. Until one day, I really ran out of reasons to tell her why she is not allowed to go and so I called up one of the popular ballet schools hoping for answers like "No, she is too young" or "Maybe wait for another 6 months" kinda thing. I was wrong! I was told that they even have children at 2 years old. What can they do at 2 or 3 years old? They haven't even master in their walking, running and jumping and they are expect to do some dancing tricks and pointing their toes as they dance? I sent her to a trial class anyway after enquiring much information. That was 1 month ago and she continues the lessons since then.

I have to say that Charlotte really show interest in ballet!!! She is so happy and excited every time I told her that I am getting her ready for ballet lesson. I was right that she can't follow every action asked as yet but she certainly is a fast learner and she also benefits from of those basic lessons that I thought her at home.

Most people drop out from ballet lesson when exams started and/or fighting time to balance with school homework and activities. Will see how long will Charlotte last.

Actually, I prefer gymnastic instead of ballet...but I don't know of any gymnastic school here in Penang. Anyone care to share?


  1. She is indeed very beautiful... did she go to Priscilla? And when can she wear the pointe?

  2. wauu... she is very pretty.

    by the way, which ballet school u sent her to? mind giving me the tel no? cos my daughter also requested but I kept on delay and delay...

  3. awwww..... she looks so pretty and sweet :)

  4. Charlotte so sweet looking in that pic...

  5. There is a blogger I know in penang where his son attending some Gymnatic. Do remind me as he is now offline. Drop me a mail if i takes too long.