Sunday, February 8, 2009


As I was browsing the web lately, I found this very interesting yet useful tool to add to my already-more-than-enough feeding accessories - KABOOST! The only reason I wanted to get was because I am trying to train Charlotte to sit and eat at the dining table with us instead of having to set the feeding table aside just for her. It was my mistake not training her since young to sit on a high chair during meal time, I was almost never successful trying to feed her while strapping her down on a high chair except at the restaurants. Now that she is able to climb onto and off a chair unassisted and not to be restrained to keep from falling I feel that I could use this tool to start a better eating habit.

Besides the creative design, the size also makes it very portable. I was thinking if at any chance a restaurant ran out of high chair or doesn't provide one, we can always bring along this and use it to raise the chair instead. I was certainly disappointed when I found that it is not available in Malaysia and I definitely not going to purchase it online as international shipping always cost double the price of the product itself. But at last I found a nearest distributor and yet I don't have to pay a cent of shipping! It is in Singapore! I quickly wrote a letter to one of my sister-in-law who works in Singapore and was coming back for CNY holiday! The timing was just never better!

I have been using it and encouraging Charlotte to take her meals with us at the dining table. So far the return of investment is very good.


  1. hey, i've seen this selling online in one of our local e-store. if i can still remember, the e-store is or it could be - these 2 stores gives free shipping for any purchase that's above RM200.

  2. Wah.. interesting thing. I was wondering how come it looked like your dining chair until I scrolled lower and saw it at the bottom of the picture. Not too smart, eh?

  3. This is a really good invention! Makes her level with the table and she doesn't have to use the high chair... makes her feel like an adult!

    But, if it's Rm200 a pcs...erhh, kinda expensive!

  4. Mabel - yes, you are right. I just checked and both stores you mentioned do carry this item and they are selling it at RM186. I bought fot S$65

    For those who are intereted to get, visit or

  5. In this photo, she really looks like you!

  6. I used to put pillow on the chair for Kelvin to eat with us at dining table. Hmm, time to get one for him, this really look cool!