Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pretty Little Chef

Two weeks before CNY I received a message from Charlotte's school that they are going to make peanut cookies for CNY! Coincidentally, I made a dentist appointment for Charlotte that day and thought of sending her to school only after the dentist appointment. I then asked what she wanted to do, see dentist and probably missed the cookies making session in school or join the cookies making and see dentist other time. She said she wanted to make cookies and so I called up the dentist and changed the appointment time.

I didn't get any update after the cookies making but each of them brought a small box of peanut cookies back just before they break for CNY holidays. It tasted great! (didn't take any picture of the cookies)

Last Friday, as checked into her message bag (she brings back message bag every Friday) and as I flipped through her files and updates I saw this...

I almost couldn't recognize that the girl in the picture is my Charlotte! It was taken during the cookies making session. It was so cute! I'm sure they had a lot of fun and learning through the lesson.

The tiny little note the teacher wrote says:
Pretty Little Chef
See! You need to slowly roll it to make a perfect round peanut cookie!

No wonder she could made the 汤圆 so well!