Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Puzzle is Charlotte's weakest game so far. A few months back, she couldn't even put these simple ones that I bought her long long time ago.

Lately I saw improvement in her in playing this game. She started to assemble those simple puzzles with some guidance from me and then she showed her interest in putting together this 9 pieces Barney puzzle which I bought her just to lure her to leave the toy store back then. In fact, she mastered it within a day and then keep repeating it for the next few days. She even brought it when we dine out (that gave us a good peaceful meal time too).

I then took out this 2 piece puzzles to test on her. Back then she was only able to match the pair but not fix the puzzles together. She used to put both pieces flat on the floor but to fix the puzzle she must lift either 1 side slightly off from the surface. I tried to show her but she just couldn't do it. This time, no guidance needed, she was able to do it right from the first time I open the box.

So I thought it's time to get her another one. I went to the toy store last weekends and got her this new 24 pieces puzzle. I was looking for something like maybe 15 pieces but all they had in the store was 24 and beyond. I thought it wasn't too difficult as each piece has an identity which can be easily recognized and so I bought it. With some guidance, she was able to complete it within the first day and it's a good game to keep her occupied for quite a long time as she plays it over and over again.

Today is the 3rd day since I introduced this new puzzle to her and all these time I sat beside her and guided her when she seemed unsure. To my surprise she was able to complete almost half of it all by herself in just a short while when I was gone to make her milk this afternoon. I realized that she probably just too rely on me when I was around. I took the puzzle to the kitchen as I was about to prepare dinner and asked her to complete it while keeping me accompany in the kitchen. I could see that she was really concentrating working on the puzzle and voila, she completes it all by herself in just a short while!

I am really pleased to see this accomplishment although I know some of my friend's child was able to complete more complicated ones way before. I know each child is unique, so I am just happy to discover this development in Charlotte.


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