Friday, September 12, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise!

After being absent from school for 7 days, Charlotte is back to school since last Wednesday. Actually I wasn't really sure if she should go back to school since she just recovering. Her first reaction was "No, I don't want to go kool" when I prompted her the school question in the morning. Then I thought "ok la, maybe tomorrow". I started to work on my emails while having my breakfast at the same time.

After about 10min, I asked her again the same question as I saw her sitting on the couch quietly and she said "yes!". This was how we started school again after a terrible fever and cough.

Friday is usually an easier day for Charlotte as the school will have the Praise and Worship session and I know she loves it. When I dropped her off at school, she said goodbye to me and went inside to meet her friends. As I was speaking to her teacher, another teacher called me "Charlotte's mommy, come and see this!". I stepped in further and saw 2 boys taking turn to hug Charlotte!

Her teacher then told me this:
Teacher M: Do you know, my boy (her son) always asked if Charlotte will be coming to school during her absence? He even told his daddy about Charlotte. (One of the boys hugged Charlotte was her son by the way)
Me: Oh! I guess she gets the attention by crying out loud every morning huh :p
Teacher K: No, everybody adores her! Most of the kids will go and touch her on her face, her hair or hug her.
Me: Yes ah?
Teacher K: Kids are like adults too, they love pretty people/things and Charlotte is a pretty girl, naturally gets the attention. My boy also likes to play with her.
Me: Haha, but she can be quite fierce and naughty too.
Teacher K: Hmm, I would say she is not easy to be taken advantage of. She knows how to complain and protect herself.
Me: Oh! (I acrually think this is a good thing :p)
Teacher K: But she is getting more stable now, we see good improvement

Apparently the 2 teacher's son like Charlotte and I feel more comfortable as I know she has friends now.


  1. Hehe...soon Charlotte's gonna be receiving phone calls & love letters....kekekeke

  2. I think she will receive a lot presents too :p

  3. wah wah... mommy will be very bz soon! So many suitors waiting lioa! hehehe