Thursday, September 18, 2008

6th Sense Or Coincidence?

It's about 1 week away from my birthday and Charlotte started to sing the birthday song to me early this week. This is how she sang it:

Happy birthday to mommy, happy birthday to mommy...(she can go on and on and on with this sentence)
May (the) good Lord bless you, may (the) good Lord bless mommy...

When I first heard it, I was surprised to hear how she sang the 2nd verse. Maybe when she had birthday party in school the teachers taught them this.

Then she sang it again, to me specifically. Then only I realized that my birthday is just round the corner! I wonder how she comes to figure out when is my birthday? Is this children's 6th sense or it's just coincidence?

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  1. Hi. Thanks for dropping by my blog and Happy Birthday to you!