Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm Going To The Beach!!! (Again)

It's school holiday and Charlotte's cousin, Christopher arrived Penang on late Friday noon last week. Since there is no access to the beach in KL, Pat suggested to bring them to the beach on the weekend. Charlotte, the playful little one as usual very excited about it, below is the picture taken when she shouted "I'm going to the beach!!!"

This time, I noticed she has overcome the fear of the dirty sand, and the sea water that wash her feet while she stood by the shoreline. She was very engrossed in only 1 activity --- picking up shells and throw it into the sea.

I was wondering how she could keep doing that and as I took a closer look, she was not only picking up and throwing, there is something else she did in between, find out what that is from the video clip...

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