Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bedtime On Demand

Lately Charlotte has her bedtime on demand that I have to fulfill in order to tuck her in smoothly. Here is what she will request:

1. Read a book - sometimes, she is ok with just once. Other time, she asks to repeat. I have learn the trick that if I told her it is only for once before hand, she will be ok with it. So I need to make a deal with her before start reading the book.

2. Sing - this is really on demand, at least 5 songs. The list goes on with every new songs she learned or heard (only those captured her attention). No deal can be made with this demand. I think she enjoys music/songs. I will sing whatever she requests and when I think it is time to stop, I just have to tell her ok, it's time to sleep. If I am luck, she will agree with me and call it a night. If not, I will have to try again after another song. My mom said I am Charlotte's living radio :)

3. Say a prayer - this is usually my request, but she follows.

Here are the list of songs and how she named it:
Star = Twinkle twinkle little star
Moon = It's a chinese song
Sun = Oh Mr. Sun
Woody song = when she loved me
God so good = God is so good
Bluebird = a song from Kindermusik lesson
Sun behind mountain = God is all around us (this is her new favorite)

Just to share with you the lyrics of God Is All Around Us by Twilla Paris

The sun behind the mountain is setting in the west
The bluebird and her little ones are gathered in their nest
And I am on my pillow because I need my rest
God is all around us, and He knows best

He's higher than the treetops in the tallest wood
Why He would come and speak to me, I'd tell you if I could
It makes me want to please Him in all the ways I should
God is all around us, and He is good

God is all around us everywhere we go
Caring for His children that's all I need to know
He's stronger than the eagle circling above
He's wiser the oldest owl more gentle than a dove
He's closer than pajamas that fit me like a glove
God is all around us, and He is Love


  1. HI, thanks so much for dropping by!

    Your lil girl must love your voice very much!!! ;-)


  2. Belle used to do that too but nowadays I have to tuck both girls in..I haven't been reading to her.

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog. So nice to have a little girl... at least they are not as voilent as my boy.

    Sometimes I do read to him but he kept intercepting so it kind of kills the mood...