Monday, June 23, 2008

My Little Musician

I am glad that Charlotte shows her little interest in music, like songs, dances and musical instruments. She likes to play with the piano at home and I noticed that she is playing it with her finger coordination instead of palms or with loud and heavy bangs. She sometimes pretends to play and ask us (either me, or Brenda or her grandma) to sing, and sometimes she would just stand besides the piano and sing along as I play the songs that she is familiar with.

Last week, when we were about to leave for dinner her daddy told her that we are going to this restaurant where there will be people playing piano, and other instruments like drums and cello. Immediately she requested to play on the piano and refused to leave the house if we don't let her. She played for maybe a good 10min and finally agreed to leave as she accomplished her "dream" of being a pianist.

When she is ready I will be looking out for piano lesson for her but for now, it will be just simple rhythm and beats that I teach her as well as from her Kindermusik classes.

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