Thursday, June 5, 2008

Manuka Honey

I learn the benefits of giving Manuka Honey to Charlotte from several motherhood friends of mine and I started to give it to Charlotte a few of months back. Not too long ago, I heard from Byan's mommy that Manuka Honey that we bought from Jusco was out of stock and she was running around looking for it as the kid was not feeling well. That time it didn't trigger me that I need to buy one as I thought the bottle that I have at home still left about 20% and it should last for quite sometime.

Just last weekend, I had a little sore throat myself and I thought I should take some Manuka Honey to sooth my throat but as I open the bottle, it was just barely a couple of teaspoonful left. At the same time I also noticed that Charlotte was also "rubbing" her nose more often then usual. Immediately I went to Jusco to get another bottle. When I was there at the organic corner, the staff told me that the Active 10+ was sold out, in fact the last bottle was just sold a few moments ago.

Panic? A little bit because I don't know what else I should do, buy Active 15+? It was sold out too. Only left with Active 20+ and 25+. As I asked for more info, to give a little boost of immunization and for toddler use Active 10+ is good enough. Furthermore, the price is a bit steep for Active 20+ and 25+.

So I went to the health corner as I remember they too are selling Manuka Honey. The difference is the Manuka Honey is imported from New Zealand, and it has UMF 10+ certified whereas the one I used to get from Jusco organic corner is a repacked version. Seriously, I am not really concern about the quality of the repacked Manuka Honey but since I am running out I bought it from the health store instead. The price is slightly more expensive, for the same size (500g) it is RM109 vs. RM 76 that I bought from Jusco last time, but I have no other choice :(


  1. Can go for Woodlands Organic Manuka next time. It is also certified active that is packed in NZ. 500gm is RM88 at Organic Shops. Can get 10% discount fr the shop i regularly goto at P Tikus.

  2. country farm company is from Berjaya Group, the company that owns toto, berjaya times square and many more. Go for the certified one