Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Toy!

My dad has more 7 aquariums at home, with all kinds of fishes, big, small, cheap, expensive fishes. Everytime Charlotte goes to KongKong's house she will be very amazed by all those fishes and admires KongKong when he does the cleaning and water change. Last weekend, she went to KongKong's house and her grandpa has decided to buy her a small aquarium and "donated" some small fishes for her to start with.

We took home maybe about more than 10 fishes that day. Charlotte learn from "Finding Nemo" that she is not suppose to disturb the fishes by knocking at the aquarium. She shows her caring and love from the way she takes care of the fishes. Sometimes, she sits in front of the aquarium and observes the fishes for quite a bit. Something to keep her busy for awhile :)

We woke up yesterday and found there were more than 5 baby fish in the aquarium! Congratulations Charlotte!

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  1. Wayt to go Charlotte! Taking care of fish or other pets is never an easy task and demands a great deal of responsibility! But lil Charlotte's on the right track! Bravo!