Friday, June 13, 2008

Imaginative Play

Grandma bought her this big masak-masak set few weeks back. It was just in time to rescue her because I was at the edge of my temper when she threw up after the last spoon of her milk. She stood still as I was scolding her and getting her changed, and she knew that a few slaps on her backside was coming. Grandma and grandpa came to visit just in time and she was rescued and distracted with this toy set. A short moment after that, she pretended to serve me with food that she cooked with a "fake" smile on her face, it was just like "let's try if mommy accepts this and forgive me..." kinda look.

Last night, she asked for the set again and she was happily playing with a different type of mood as compared to the last time she played it.


  1. Charlotte is very good at imaginative play hor. Pretend to be nice to mummy to avoid scolding and spanking! Haha.. they all know how to cool down the situation.

  2. Wah! Her masak-masak toys even include a rice cooker. Can't find it here..haha. I'll prolly have to get it when I'm back in Msia.