Monday, May 12, 2008

Toilet Trained

Charlotte is now graduated from potty to toilet. I posted about her potty training in Nov 2007 and I bought her a children toilet seat some time early this year. I started her with just wee wee using the toilet seat. At first, like every other new toy she was very excited with it and always wanted to go toilet instead of potty whenever she wants to wee wee. When the excitement went ago, it will only depending on her mood. Sometimes I took out the potty but she wanted the toilet, other time I took her to the toilet but she requested the potty instead.

Lately, it has been very consistent that she would want to go to toilet whenever she wants to wee wee. She also has successfully did her "big business" since the last 2 weeks using the toilet!

I took this picture last week as she did her big business, cute eh?

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